About Us

NxGen Brands is a leading owner and manager of essential technology and intellectual property assets.  These have envisioned a self-sufficient ecosystem that will allow small businesses to direct relationships with their residents and community.  We provide installation, operation, maintenance, lease, and sale services, whose purpose is to accelerate the development of a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable delivery model.

NxGen Brands’ current focus is on capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the ongoing evolution of quick delivery, fast delivery as a service as there still are areas being defined. For example, in our smart locker design in the USA, we believe to be a key enabler of a new privately operated delivery and distribution network and a key element of the design as datapoint continue to be identified and used to improve overall COG and COS for the small business.

NxGen Brands operations consist of three business units: SendPut – On-Demand Delivery Services, the larger of the three business units, is almost exclusively a Delivery Service Provider (“DSP”) that procures, installs, owns, and manages a growing portfolio of Smart Lockers with related technologies, with a particular focus on enabling small businesses to operate within their local zip codes. NxGen Brands manages its revenue-generating lockers by tracking all operations and uses them from delivery to logistics, courier services, and ultimately through removal.

NxGen Brands’ customers consist of small business owners, C-Stores, community retailers, and service providers.