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NxGen Brands, Inc. Acquires Established Brand "Storm Lifestyles"™

NxGen Brands, Inc. Acquires Established Brand "Storm Lifestyles"™

NXGB Looks to 'Disrupt the Norm'™ with first Acquisition

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. , Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- NxGen Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NXGB) ("NxGen" or the "Company"), ( outlines its vision for the recently acquired brand "Storm Lifestyle"™, an innovative sports nutrition brand whose tag line is "Disrupt the Norm"™

Launched to great excitement at Olympia in 2021, the brand quickly grew amongst the younger and retro fitness demographic and its retail reach made it a significant new player after launch. The products that Storm has already in the market include "Pre-Workout", "Revive", "Focus" and "BURN" with "Shrooms" ready to go. The products come in four flavors, Blue Raspberry Rage, Steezy Sour Peach, Gnarly Grape and Wicked Wild berry. Further information on products can be found at

According to Statista© Research, the global sports nutrition market is valued in excess of $81bn and Storm has already been sold throughout the US, South America and Canada, from small single store brick retailers, through GNC franchises and online through large e-commerce sports retailers.

NxGen recently announced that its new CEO, Joseph Lawanson, an industry veteran, has a strong background in aligning social media influencers, sports personalities and top athletes with brands to produce impressive growth. Throughout his long career in Nutritional Supplements, Mr. Lawanson has served many roles from Managing Sales at GAT© Sports, Director of Athletes at MusclePharm© and Director of Athletes at EAS©.

Joseph Lawanson, CEO of NxGen, when discussing the products stated: "'Pre-Workout' is one of the most impressive products to hit the pre-workout and active-living scene. It is absolutely stuffed full of clinically studied and proven branded ingredients. Featuring powerful and long-lasting energy as well as strength enhancers. 'Revive' is a combination of 20 amino acids that promote protein synthesis and muscle repair, combined with replenishing hydration. It also includes high quality and trademark ingredients: Myo-Seq™, AstraGin™, and Velositol™ for optimal absorption..."

He continued "'..BURN' is a safe and effective nootropic weight-loss supplement suitable for both men and women. This powdered supplement is perfect for all levels of athletes and sports competitors who are looking for a delicious drink to ignite your metabolism and mental focus without the jittery side effects and 'Focus' is an energy solution designed to help enhance cognitive performance. Focus consists of clinically proven ingredients that help with many areas of cognitive function to help support you to accomplish your goals. "

The company has already agreed with former officers to purchase and retire around 14m shares. A further 40 million shares issued to new CEO Joseph Lawanson are ineligible to have any restrictions removed until 2026. Only 5.6 million are currently held at DTC in the free trading float and the Issued Share Capital is 63,079,566.

About NxGen Brands, Inc.

NxGen Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded company under the symbol NXGB. The Company is building a profitable Nutritional Supplements company, comprising of several brands.

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