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NxGen Brands, Inc. Releases Two New Market Disrupting Products in Q1 With Revenue Forecasts

Denver, COLORADO, January 16th 2024 (NEWSWIRE) -  NxGen Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NXGB) (“NxGen” or the “Company”), ( announces that its Storm Lifestyles ( is releasing Storm Shrooms immediately and its Mad House Innovations ( has slated an innovative new protein formulation for release March 1st. Both products are expected to deliver significant topline revenues in the first quarter of 2024.

STORM’s Shroom ( is a blend of 4 mushrooms, like Lions Mane, that is not only reported to help with stress management by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone, but also to keep the immune system in top shape via beta-glucans. These naturally occurring polysaccharides (beta-glucans) are in the cell walls of functional mushrooms and activate when ingested into the human body, allowing a pathway to the immune system to better recognize damaged cells and maintain a healthier lifestyle for longer. This product is available for purchase now directly from the Storm Lifestyles online store.

Mad House’s new Protein which will be fortified with 3 sources of ultra-premium protein, plus digeseb™ which the Company says is an innovate ‘NO-BLOAT’ protein absorption ingredient, making the customers’ use experience of this product significantly better than other comparable products. The low carb, low calorie, low sugar and low-fat formula will also include a super special ‘secret ingredient’ yet to be announced, that will take the market by storm and be completely disruptive in the space.  This product is slated to launch early March 2024, with further details to be launched mid-February.

The company believes that the potential for topline revenue for these products is between $1.2m and $1.6m in the first twelve months following their release. These are both profitable products and each is innovative in its own way, allowing a significant market opportunity to be explored both direct to consumer and across retail.

Speaking earlier about the two product launches, CEO Joseph Lawanson stated “These two explosive products are going to be an incredibly disruptive force in the market with the new Storm Shrooms being somewhat unique in the space and the Protein having something special which is going to blow the market away.  ‘The Perfect Protein Does Exist…until now’ is our motto for our new Mad House Scoops protein. It will contain 23g of protein with 11g of amino acids to make this the perfect protein blend.  Each scoop of ‘Mad House Scoops™’ contains the core building blocks necessary to create a true ‘Circus Freak’ physique.  I cannot wait for people to be able to get hold of both of these products from the NxGen Brands family of products”.

About NxGen Brands, Inc.

NxGen Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded company under the symbol NXGB. The Company building build a profitable Nutritional Supplements company, comprising of several brands.

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